"A fi" a fost intotdeauna o mare bataie de cap...

20 Oct

Iar am fost artista

adaugat in General on 20.10.09

Cu asta mi-am ocupat weekend-ul... in loc sa pun mana sa invat, ca sunt la facultate, ce naiba!

Video Info

Plot: A woman remembers this great guy she loved when she was young; somehow, they grew apart and she never saw him again. Now she can remember all sorts of things they used to do,but she has a hard time trying to remember his name.

Starring: Aoi Kaji (from La Corda d'Oro) as the guy, ocassionaly doubled by Howl, Len Tsukimori and Ichijou (Vampire Knight) :)

'...Did you come back?
Are you still here?
I burried you into memories.
You're on my mind
Or maybe you're real,
Sometimes I wonder
Did you ever exist...'
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