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04 Sep

Time Will Turn Another Page

adaugat in General on 04.09.09

Ultima 'creatie':

I'm staring in the dark
this silence is unreal
my thoughts are roaming free
awaking memories

the poems that i wrote
afraid of being caught
the moments I was scared
the secret dreams I had

all those things might seem a little strange
when you dig them up and see you've changed
Time has turned another page

The tears that no one saw
the things that you let go
and all the small regrets
'I thought he'd understand'

All those times I loved
hoping it will last
hurting in the end
healing sorely fast

Time has turned another page

The first comedown I had
the trials that I failed
first time, a broken heart
the hand that pulled me up

All those things were so important then
- now I can barely remember them -
Maybe time is our friend...

Now I'm in love again
and I can hardly sleep
I'm lying here again
Your absence's hurting me
I'm hoping once again
Looks like I never learn

Time will turn another page
Time will turn another page
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